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Our blankets and throws draw inspiration from the raw, cool essence of Northern England - a region steeped in vibrant music, avant-garde artistry, and rugged landscapes. Our debut collection is an ode to this captivating spirit, embodying the soulful energy and daring creativity that define our region.


Recycled cotton, really soft.

We pride ourselves on weaving stories into our products; of the people that make them and the places that inspire them. Channeling centuries of tradition, and committing to sustainable practices; our textiles blend time-honoured techniques with a contemporary touch, creating luxurious throws and blankets that embody the soul of the North.




Launching 2024

Our debut collection is crafted meticulously from recycled cotton yarns, which are then raised ( fluffed up) and trimmed by eye to get that gorgeously soft feel. Each piece embodies our commitment to environmental responsibility without compromising quality or style. 


We're off to

Spring Fair 2024

at the



Visit us at the Summerhouse in Spring Fair 2024 at stand 7D34-E35, in halls 6,7,& 8 and see our debut collection in all its colourful glory!



EST. 1871

Our mill isn't your run-of-the-mill operation (see what we did there) – it's a living legacy, pulsating with the dedication of generations. Nestled in Burnley, Lancashire, a place where there were once more looms than there were people, our family-owned establishment has woven fabrics for over 150 years. As tides shifted in the industry, our mill didn't miss a beat. While others faded, we persisted, steadfastly weaving through challenges.Through our resilience, we've not only sustained our craft but also upheld the livelihoods of our local community, keeping the spirit of textile manufacturing alive and thriving. 

Unravelling Recycled Cotton



Our journey begins by collecting post-production cotton waste, such as surplus fabric from garment manufacturing or offcuts from the pattern-making process. Instead of wasting this valuable material, we give it new purpose and meaning.

02.Sorting & Preparation 

Our recycling experts carefully sort through the collected garments, removing non-cotton elements like zippers or buttons, and arranging them by colour. These fabric pieces are then prepared for the transformation process.

03.Breaking Down the Fibres

Enter the magic! The prepared garments undergo a state-of-the-art process to break down the cotton fibres into their raw form. This step is crucial to create pristine, high-quality recycled cotton.

04.Spinning a 'New' Yarn 

 Once the fibres are transformed, they're spun into new yarns, ready to weave the story of your next snug blanket. Each yarn carries the tales of the recycled garments it originated from – a tale of sustainability and style.

05. The Start of a New Blanket 

Our skilled artisans weave the new yarns into our sumptuous blankets, ensuring the perfect blend of comfort and conscience. The outcome? A stunning, eco-friendly masterpiece tailored just for you!


Join the battle against textile waste!

Did you know?

Approximately 300,000 tonnes of clothing and textiles are discarded annually in the UK. Shockingly, nearly 80% of this ends up in landfills or incinerators. Play your part by ensuring that your home textiles, as well as clothing, find new life through recycling or repurposing rather than contributing to waste!

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